Athlean-X Admits He's On TRT In "Leaked Footage"? (FAKE Audio)

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Athlean-X Admits He’s On TRT In “Leaked Footage”? (Fake News)

I truly didn’t think I’d be talking about Jeff Cavaliere of Athlean-X again this soon, but before getting back to informative videos I had to cover this one piece of news to clear up any confusion there might be.

I uploaded the “Athlean-X fake weights” video a few days ago, and since then a new accusation has popped up where it’s been claimed that Jeff Cavaliere admitted to TRT use in a previous video that has since been deleted.

Just run a search for “Athlean-X natty or not” or “Jeff Cavaliere natty or not” and you’ll find plenty of content on the subject, so naturally this is something a lot of people have been talking about.

However, while the Athlean-X fake weight allegations are undoubtedly true, the supposed “Athlean-X TRT” video is nothing but fake news.

The fight against misinformation in the fitness industry is certainly important, but false accusations like this shouldn’t be tolerated and it’s important that people understand the fact that this video is not legitimate.

In this video I give a full rundown of the Athlean-X TRT situation and where the original audio footage came from, as well as my personal opinion on the “Jeff Cavaliere natty or not” debate.


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