Athlean-X PERFECT Weight Loss Workout Critique – WARNING: This is impossibly hard!

Yesterday, Jeff released a video for weight loss which is basically a super high volume bro split. However, those workouts are impossible because he wants you to do 70-80% of your 1RM for 10×10 with only 1 minute rest. This is impossible!

A 10 Rep max is around 75% of your 1RM, and doing 10 sets of that with only 1 minute rest is impossible. He recommends this for the squat and bench press and for rows as well although for rows, body english (cheating) can allow completion of the workout. But that would still contribute to pain and injury risk.

This is also a 1x a week frequency template, which Jeff himself and many other coaches have recommended against because 2-3x a week training allows for more bouts of muscle protein synthesis (unless you are an enhanced athlete). Therefore, 1x a week yields a significantly lower rate of muscle gain as 2-3x/week.

It’s important to clarify that weight loss is not possible unless you are in a caloric deficit. And muscle gain is not possible (unless very untrained) without being in a caloric surplus. In order to lose weight while still promoting the retention (or gain, if very untrained) of muscle, Jeff is recommending resistance training. This is an excellent thing. But the way he recommends it is needlessly hard and actually impossible to do.

We hope newcomers to the active lifestyle will not follow this template and compromise their strength or size gains for no good reason. Instead, a better template may be to split 3 or 4 sets of 10 of each exercise (squats, bench press, rows) into each workout. And each workout can be done 3x a week. The saturday/sunday core/conditioning workout is fine and can definitely be done without any further modifications without compromises in training outcomes.

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